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Pat Miller

Welcome to the world as presented by Pat Miller. He will give you a point of view into life that is both inviting and unyielding. 

There is an edge to Pat Miller. An edge that has been repeatedly honed and dulled until it became a sharp and ragged blade that cuts into the environment of life and may even leave a scar. That's all right. He will bandage it with laughs! 

Pat has a long history of humor. He has been out in the clubs for over 15 years. Most of that time has been spent headlining all over the country. He started in the east from his home in southwestern Virginia and developed his own style of taking apart the aspects of life that have become routine. 

After conquering the eastern side of the country, he ventured west and for 2 years was a regular performer at the Improv in Santa Monica and traveled his show all over the west coast. 

Comedy clubs and humor are not the only aspect to Pat. He also has a broad base of stage and screen experience. Maybe you saw pat in the Stephen King thriller, Maximum Overdrive, Maybe it was Raw Deal or Blood Fist III. Pat has made his mark in the film industry and continues to do so. 

His television appearances have ranged from Vanishing America on Showtime with Rich Hall to Comedy Express on the Fox Network

To see Pat Miller is to see a man who presents himself as he does the world around him. Without shame or modesty. If he wasn't acting or performing stand-up comedy, he would make a fair tele-evangelist. Come see Pat Miller. We have enough TV preachers already. 

Pat makes his home in southwestern Virginia. He has survived 2 motorcycle crashes, 3 car wrecks and being gored by a bull. He owns a tractor. He holds a S.A.G. card. He knows about Rock & Roll Heaven and has been to Comedy Hell. - Enjoy.

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