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This directory from Hysterical Management lists some of the funniest people touring comedy stages across America. Contact Hysterical Management about booking these comics and many more for your venue!

Al Katz: Step Over The Line  Al Katz: Step Over The Line
The official web site for comedian Al Katz and his Step Over The Line Tour.
Caroline Picard - The Cajun Queen  Caroline Picard - The Cajun Queen
Caroline Picard - winner of Hysterical Management's Comedian of the Year and a nationally and internationally touring comic for 11 years, this Louisiana-bred lady is fueled by ice cold beer, gumbo, B-B-Q, natural talent and Attitude for Days.
J.R. Remick's Official Web Site  J.R. Remick's Official Web Site
J.R. Remick - Comedian/Impressionist, Actor, Model and the King Pin of Rock'n Bowl
John C. Vorhees, Comedian  John C. Vorhees, Comedian is the Internet home of comedian John C. Vorhees.
The Artist Formerly Known as Eric Kirkland  The Artist Formerly Known as Eric Kirkland
The Artist Formerly Known as Eric Kirkland
Tim Marszalkowski - Polish Thunder  Tim Marszalkowski - Polish Thunder
Tim Marszalkowski - Polish Thunder

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