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Your Next Convention Can Be Profitable and Unforgettable!

How many trade show booths have you walked past without so much as a glance? More importantly, how many potential clients have walked past your booth with the same non-reaction? 

Vegas Convention CenterIf your exhibit is just like everyone else’s, what makes you think that your prospects will go out of their way to visit? A little “pizzazz” can set you apart from the rest and attract prospects like crazy!

Live Comedy can help make this years exhibit a wonderful success. 

Las Vegas Convention Center Earlier this year at the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, our own Carol Pennington worked at the INCON Booth. Carol impersonated Ann Robinson of the TV Show “The Weakest Link”.  The good folks at INCON invited selected prospects to play. Carol’s biting wit as hostess kept everyone laughing and having a great time. INCON’s Marketing Manager, David Volin wrote this in a letter of thanks – “You managed to incorporate your skills and engage the crowd in a humorous fashion. We are extremely grateful to you for making our booth a great success.”

Comedians will add 'pizazz' to tradeshow booth.

Carol Pennington as Ann Robinson with two satisfied INCON Exec's

Hysterical Management will help you plan the perfect compliment for your exhibit. Start right here! Tell us a little about you, your company, and as much as you can about your upcoming show. Once you send your information to us, we’ll review it and call you the next business day to discuss some ideas in more detail. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it can be.

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