Tim Homayoon

Tim HomayoonTim has invested a good part of his life in and around comedy. He performed professionally while in college. In those early days he opened for many of the big names like Ray Romano, Jeff Dunham, Richard Jeni, Joe Rogan, Brian Regan, and Mitch Hedburg. He would improv alongside comics like Adam Ferrara and Kevin James.  Tim spent a year writing for Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.  He has performed in thousands of comedy venues between appearances on TV.  The man knows comedy – OK?

His show is contemporary, and fresh. Tim is in the moment with his audience. His fans appreciate his open and sincere style.  They roar with laughter when he charms them with his newest ingenious material. Tim tunes his act to ensure that his material appeals to everybody: combining outrageous characters, physical comedy, along with clever, unique ideas.

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