PJ Butland

PJ Butland

PJ Butland
“Out of the trailer and into your heart!”

PJ is six feet, six inches of bald comedy muscle. Sit down and strap yourself in for the wild ride that awaits you once PJ hits the stage.

Come see life through the twisted view of a man who sees things from a truly different perspective. Whether he’s talking about the tribulations of having the world’s worst last name, or raising his daughter on his own, you will be captivated at his every word.

PJ has seen it all and is eager to share it with everyone. A rogue favorite among comedy clubs in the Midwest, PJ recently took time out of his busy touring schedule to fly to LA and film scenes for the blockbuster film “Spider-Man.” He has also appeared on television and opened for the likes of Pam Stone, Victoria Jackson, Pablo Francisco and Jeff Dunham.

Bold, bawdy and brash, PJ’s comedy is not for everyone … just those who want to laugh … and find new uses for braces and barbecue sauce.

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