Mutzie’s career path runs through virtually every area of entertainment, including television, radio and even the music industry. He has consistently performed as many as 200 comedy shows a year, making him one of today’s most successful comedy stars.

On stage Mutzie is like the eternal class clown, never passing up the opportunity to get a laugh – a very likable guy talking about everyday things that everyone can relate to. Mutzie doesn’t think he has fans worldwide, just friends who stay in touch and don’t mind waiting in line to see their buddy make them laugh.

Mutzie began his comedy career in 1984 at the world famous COMEDY STORE in Los Angeles, when he was coaxed by friends into trying his luck on amateur night. The result of his 3 minute set was a standing ovation that would change his life forever, and ensure countless laugh filled nights for comedy fans worldwide.

Following his debut, Mutzie was quickly invited to become a paid performer at the Comedy Store where he performed between 6 to 10 shows weekly. After gleaning priceless tips and encouragemeni from comics such as David Brenner, J. J. Walker and the legend himself, Richard Pryor, Mutzie soon had the confidence and enthusiasm to pursue what turned out to be his dream come true.
Within six months of that first three minute set, Mutzie placed second in a national comedy contest, “The National Lampoon Comedy Playoffs”. Since then he has logged thousands of shows in seven different countries and over 300 cities, performing everywhere from churches to prisons, and always leaving the audience begging for one more encore. Mutzie has also performed his world famous one man show in Aruba for a record-setting 9 months.

The Mutzie show includes music, a few props, some home grown characters and improv that is second to none. Mutzie’s rapid fire improv skills have often been compared to Robin Williams, and it’s this uncanny improv ability that makes it possible for audience members to see two, three, even four different Mutzie shows in the same week.

Mutzie grabs an audiences attention from the instant he walks onstage, and keeps them howling from beginning to end. He expertly works the crowd, effortlessly leading them from laugh to laugh. They come along eagerly, never knowing what’s next, realizing that anything can happen, and always – always, wanting more.

One thing is certain, once you have seen a Mutzie show, you will NEVER forget him.

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