Moody McCarthy

Moody McCarthy

Moody McCarthy 

Moody McCarthy has been a stand-up comic this entire millennia and even some of the last one. Now – with several TV credits AND a car – he’s more in demand than ever. Based in New York, Moody’s become a fave everywhere with material that covers dating, time zones – even jokes. (Oh, yeah – he does a bit about viruses, too.) His act runs up to 52 minutes but peaks around 48-49. And though Moody’s dam wholesome – and uses the word “dam” – he’s no candyass: here’s an act you can take home to your folks or to your gang initiation.

TV & RADIO: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC); Star Search 2003 (CBS); The Early Show (CBS); Style Network; Comcast Comedy Spotlight; CTV (Canada); WYYY & WTKW radio (sportscaster & comic)

CLUBS: NYC: Comic Strip; Carolines; Stand Up NY; Luna Lounge Also: Governors; Princeton Catch; Montreal Comedy Zone; Charlie Goodnights (Raleigh); Comedy Caravan (Louisville); Pittsburgh Funny Bone; Hilarities (Cleveland); Mohegan Sun and Turning Stone casinos; many more.

OPENED FOR: Dom Trrera, Wanda Sykes, Brian Regan, David Brenner, Bobcat Goldthwait, Darrell Hammond, Jimmy Fallen, and Lewis Black.

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