Michael Night

Michael Night

Comedy, Magic and Hypnosis are The Hat Trick of live entertainment. And Michael Night delivers all three to delighted audiences across the country.

Hysterical Management can deliver Michael Night with his Comedy Magic.  Michael can perform his Close-up Show where the magic happens in your guest hands or his Stand-up Comedy Magic Show where he plays off the audience for a wildly funny show.

Or, you might prefer Michael’s Hypno-Comedy Concert. This is a 100% audience participation show and he will have the volunteers doing some fun and amazing things.

Hypnotist shows make for fun and memorable events.  What really sets hypnotist shows apart is that the audience participants are the stars of the show.  It’s hilarious to see someone suddenly become Elvis, or Brittany Spears.  You can not anticipate what the next show will be like because each one is unique.

Michael Night is a terrific choice for every type of venue.  Comedy  clubs, night clubs, bars, corporate events are all perfect for an act like Michael Night.  Hire comedian Michael Night here.

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