Mark Klein

Mark KleinYou just can’t help but like Mark Klein. Mark Klein is very much pro-business and his business is to make us laugh. He entertains at comedy clubs, on cruise ships, and at corporate events from Alaska to Tahiti. Mark is is fast-paced and energetic; and his act can be customized for the client or industry.

Mark began his comedy adventure in order to make some extra money while attending Colgate University in pursuit of an English degree. After graduation, Mark took his act on the road.

Over the next 20 years Mark made countless live appearances and network TV appearances.

Mark decided that he wanted to concentrate on bringing his pro business message to those who would appreciate it most – business people. Mark is now one of the most sought after corporate entertainers in the business. Mark does perform for big Fortune 500 companies, such as Lucent Technologies and Brown-Forman, but he makes himself available for smaller companies and business associations as well.

Mark Klein is a funny and interesting guy. With a couple decades of traveling under his belt doing both stand-up and corporate comedic presentations, he has lots to say about nearly everything from horse racing, politics, business and family.

If you are lucky enough to be able to hire comedian Mark Klein – do it!

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