Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan

Marc Ryan

Once you’ve been exposed to Marc Ryan you can’t help but to be drawn in by his charismatic charm. His stage presence is undeniable and Hollywood is taking notice.

Comedy Central is currently spotlighting Marc as one of the Best of the Improv on their web site. In 2001 Marc was also on the hit UPN sit-com The Parkers. At the 2000 Chicago Comedy Festival Marc shined as one of Comedy’s freshest new faces and again as a sophomore at the 2002 Festival. There is a definite buzz about Marc’s future. He has the right look and the talent to back it up. Keep your eye out because you will definitely be seeing more and more of Marc to come.

It all began in South Louisiana where Marc was raised. Marc’s initial comedic talents landed him premiere spots in the halls of his high school as well as at the receiving end of his Principal’s paddle. Marc was eventually rewarded for all his time spent in detention with the honor of being Broadmoor High’s “Class Clown”.

Upon entering college, Marc finally decided to take his act to the stage. It wasn’t pretty at first, but with the help of many fellow comedians and many painful experiences on stage, Marc finally began to understand the difference between making his friends in 5th period algebra laugh and a room full of drunks laugh. The light bulb came on! The first years of Comedy were not easy. During his college days at LSU, Marc would sneak off and perform on the road. The pay was low and the accommodations were often lower.

At one point Marc even took on the project of writing, directing, and starring in his very own sitcom, “Barely Makin’ It”. It was about the struggles of three very different college guys who were forced to share an apartment. It was a local hit in Marc’s hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. and drew the attention of Brandon Tartikoff, former head of NBC Entertainment. From this encounter with Tartikoff, Marc was hired to write for this TV legend.

Marc’s experience continued to grow as he was hired to be on Baton Rouge radio, something he would continue to do until he graduated from LSU. After graduation, Marc decided it was time to take on Comedy full time and has been on the road ever since. He has logged countless miles behind the wheel of his car for the joy of the laughter.

Today he lives in Los Angeles, where the next phase of his adventure is beginning to unfold. Stay tuned…

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