Larry Reeb

Larry ReebLarry Reeb; his fans know him as Uncle Lar’.  Uncle Lar is the wise-cracking, politically incorrect family member everyone knows.  Good Old Uncle Lar’ is always ready to offer his own unique and twisted advice on any topic you can imagine. Uncle Lar’ will give you tips on everything from your love life to raising your kids.

Reeb is a strong, unique, classic eccentric, with a sarcastic attitude and a caustic wit. He delivers his thoughts with rapid fire one liners. Uncle Lar’ proudly announces;  “It’s a sick world and I’m a happy guy.”

Where others cringe, Reeb thrives. His sharp wit was custom built to handle hecklers. During a performance a regretful drunk once shouted “talk about sex.” Larry retorted, “your parents shouldn’t have had it”, and of course capped it with, “that another tip from your Uncle Lar’.”

Now, take a tip from me – Hire comedian Larry Reeb, you won’t be sorry.

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