Lake of Four Seasons Loves Hysterical Management

Lake Of Four SeasonsThe folks at Lake of Four Seasons in Crown Point, Indiana run comedy nights about five – six times a year.  They treat our comedians like gold and their crowds just love comedy!  They had a show the other night and wrote to express their satisfaction.  We just have to share this with you.


We had such a great time last night with Roy Haber and Kurt Green!!!

Roy started out right away with getting the crowd laughing and into the spirit of the night.  He was a great opener and I wonder that he isn’t a headliner??

Kurt Green – can’t say enough.  Such a gentleman and so funny.  The crowd (110??) really liked him and it was just such a pleasure to have them and work with them.  Would love to have them both back again –

Another amazing night courtesy of Hysterical Management!!!

Iris Varlan

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