Kurt Green

Kurt Green ComedianKurt Green is a versatile performer beloved by his fans and club owners alike. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Kurt has impressive credits and interesting biography.

Kurt is from a small town in Georgia; it keeps you close to everyone; you interact with every background and sub-culture, and you learn to get along. You learn to accept each others differences and enjoy the similarities.

Kurt is an Army veteran; another lesson in American culture. Kurt says the Army taught him to be observant, and often what he observed didn’t make sense, and he found that pointing it out to others was funny; Viola’ – A comedy star is born.

Kurt’s experience includes serving as a substitute teacher. Remember the hell you and your classmates put your substitutes through? Kurt can certify that YOUR little darlings are no better than we were.

Kurt also has stage acting experience and has been known to bring out his guitar and entertain the audience with his original songs and parodies.

This wide range of experience and ability make Kurt Green a good fit for every venue. From performances for our military, church groups, and comedy clubs to schools or retirement homes, Kurt has done them all with rave reviews.

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One Response to Kurt Green

  1. Juan Carlos Lopez
    September 1, 2014 at 6:41 PM

    Hello Kurtis, we serve back in time with the 581st Signal Company in Bremerhaven, Germany I ran the CRCS behind HQ and also at one time as the Reenlistment NCO, we used to play ball, at the gym, ran with Blaylock and Pasko. Well take care and hope to hear from you old friend.

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