Johhny Millwater

Johhny Millwater

Johnny Millwater 

Johnny first took the standup stage in the summer of 1989, when his big sister (comedienne Kim Harrison) brought him to an open mic comedy night in Orlando. Johnny, then 11 years old, did 10 minutes of surprisingly astute observational humor, impressions and card tricks. He received a standing ovation for his effort, but after the show, the other comics were full of “helpful” suggestions. They said, “Talk about games you play with other kids!!”, “Talk about school!” , “Talk about giving flowered soaps to your Grandma for Christmas!” Unfortunately, Johnny was a loner, he hated school, and his grandmother didn’t bathe.

He decided that the world of standup wasn’t ready to take him seriously yet. Luckily, he found another outlet for his creative energy… magic. Described as a “prodigy” by many, (even some who weren’t related to him) Johnny joined the Society of American Magicians at the age of 12. He was the youngest to ever be allowed to join the organization. (The second youngest was David Copperfield, also 12.) He performed magic professionally in every conceivable venue. His parents drove him to performances at private parties, restaurants, and corporate events. His skills progressed exponentially, and he won countless awards, contests and even the coveted “Magician of the Year,” awarded by fellow magicians to one outstanding performer every year. Johnny won the award at 15; he was the youngest in the history of the Society of American Magicians to ever receive the award, by no less than 20 years. Johnny worked as a “magical entertainer” until he graduated from high school in 1996. 
He left his home in Tampa and began his adult life at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. While in his sophomore year in college, Johnny returned to his first love, the standup comedy stage. Johnny competed and won several talent contests in Orlando in 1996, and began doing comedy professionally after beating several comic hopefuls in an Amateur competition held by the local comedy theater.

With a successful week under his belt, Johnny began to work clubs across the south whenever his school schedule allowed, which wasn’t nearly as often as he wished. Even with his comedy performances few and far between, Johnny quickly earned a reputation as a clever and original variety act with a solid future in the business. 

In his 2nd senior year, Johnny accepted a job managing a comedy club in his hometown of Orlando. He ran the club, trained the staff and performed every weekend as house emcee. He finally had precious stage time, and he also gained valuable perspective on the other sides of the comedy business. The club closed just 6 months later, (in no small part because it was being managed by a 22-year-old college student.) 

Later that year, UCF awarded Johnny a bachelor’s degree in Television Production. With school finally finished, Johnny was free to follow his dream. He’s been living that dream every day since.

Johnny now enjoys performing his comedy show full-time all across the United States and the Caribbean. His unforgettable “Comedy Show of Death!!” has entertained thousands, and he maintains a mailing list of his fans, “The Millwatchers,” from hundreds of American cities, who can’t wait to see him again!

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