Drive-by Shooting America / Mimi Gonzalez

Mimi GonzalezA road comic since 1998, Mimi Gonzalez has seen every state in America and claims “Everyone of them has something special, visually exciting and unique about it. Even you Kansas.”  Hailing from  Detroit bred her love of cars.  An immigrant father from Cuba hatched a love of old cars.  Thankfully, one of her six brothers is a mechanic whose diagnosis keeps her on the road.  A journalism degree tried to distract her from her dream but now affords her the ability to commit random acts of publishing.  Along with seeing the world by entertaining at Prides, being a seasonal regular in Provincetown and a featured performer with Olivia Travel, she’s seen the military theaters of Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia  through entertaining the U.S. military.  Audiences love the ride Mimi takes them on as a cheerleader for both sides in the battle of the sexes.  She literally and figuratively loves everyone.    When she’s not putting 30,000+ annual miles on her car, she’s growing black walnut trees at her five-acre cottage in mid-Michigan.  Since her name’s Gonzalez though, she doesn’t pay herself for this labor…then she blames herself for all the problems in the country.

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