Dean Schardan

Stage WorkDean Schardan is silly, irreverent, crazy, fast-paced, high energy, and most of all funny!  When the Long Road Home comes to your town go eat a energy-bar, drink a red bull and buckle up.  Its going to be a strange funny and wild night.  Dean Schardan has over 10 years in the business and has opened for Drew Carry, Paulie Shore, Andy Kindler, too many more to list.  Has been on N.B.C., Fox, and C.B.S. . Dean is currently developing a TV show and works as a Writer, Actor, Producer, and most of all…a Comic.  If your close and you can…SEE THIS SHOW.  Comedy Clubs, Collage shows, Biker Bars, Elks Lodge, Corporate Events, P.G., P.G.- 13, or rated R or just plain old- let it fly Dean Schardan is the Comic  for the job.

I touch my self…
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