Chili started his amateur career in comedy in the 5th grade. Working under the name Bert Challis he turned professional some years later after securing his education at the only 2 year college that would let him in.

A year in morning radio convinced Bert to change his performance name to Chili. It was his nickname from childhood and everybody seemed to like it.

Along the way in his ever evolving stand up career he struck up friendships with the likes of Drew Carey, Sinbad, Ellen DeGeneres, Steve Harvey, and John Riggi, etc., all of which opened for him.

Chill’s first passion has always been comedy writing and so he set a path to become one of those successful LA writer types. He became such a well known joke writer that Jay Leno sent for him in 1998 to become part of his writing staff at NBC where he remained through most of the 2000 season.

Chili is now doing some touring with his own brand of stand up ‘just for the fun of if and awaiting his first sit-com writing job.

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