Caroline Picard

Caroline Picard

Caroline Picard, also known as “The Cajun Queen” has over 20 years of comedic experience. She is the loud and untamed voice of the boomer generation. Her show will make you laugh at all the crap that is driving your blood pressure up.

Caroline wears her signature red boots on stage and delivers a hilarious and refreshing message to her audience. She is a real person who is very comfortable in her beliefs. When she takes on the media, talking heads, entitled children and bad music and sticks it all back where the sun don’t shine, the audience roars with laughter and agreement. If you are part of the Baby Boomer generation, Caroline will take you back to recall a time when there was no tolerance or reward for bad behavior.

Go ahead and heckle her; I dare you. But remember when Caroline is on stage, you are at HER house!  And when you are at the Queens house, you play by her rules.

Her “I don’t give a damn” attitude is invigorating. She has style that is all her own; you have never seen anyone like Caroline Picard. If you are in looking for politically correct please, do not come to her show.  But, if you like the truth and love to laugh, come on in, grab a drink and enjoy the ride!

Caroline can be seen live in comedy clubs across the country. She is a favorite at Bike Rallies and with the troops overseas. She has done three tours in Iraq, as well as Kosovo.

Listen to Caroline Picard on XM Radio, Sirius Radio, AOL Radio, and National Lampoon Radio.

Caroline is Actor/Associate Producer on “Fist Full of Pills” which was presented an “Honorary Award” at The Just For Laughs international festival in Montreal, in 2005. She also acted in “Kill Whitey”. And, her comedic awards include Comic of the Year 2002 for Hysterical Management and Hysterical’s Award of Excellence for her professionalism on and off the stage. AND: “Live at the Laff Stop” was entered for a nomination for “Best Comedy Album” for the 51st Grammys.

The Cajun Queen’s show is for an “adult” audience.

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